3 Biggest Mistakes Men Unconsciously Make In Relationships

3 Biggest Mistakes Men Unconsciously Make In Relationships

When a relationship breaks down, it’s no one faults and it’s everyone’s responsibility. Both parties involved contribute to or distract from a relationship. Furthermore, everyone involved is equally responsible for themselves and for the relationship.

There are common errors that we all make because we just don’t have the tools or information that handle conflict and difficulty but that doesn’t make us wrong or bad, it makes us human.

Like women who commit mistakes, male partners who make mistakes, causing the relationships to break down can be resolved if recognized and handled early and accordingly.

So here are the mistakes men make and need to fix to make the relationship works;

They Fail To Tell The Truth

Men have a tendency to withhold information, distort information or sugarcoat information that they believe will upset their partner. In a psychological study, 99.9% of the time, the reason people lie is because they are afraid. Since the average man has a total of version to acknowledging his fear, he will cover it up with less than the truth. Dishonesty in all of its forms and with all of the masks that it wears is a betrayal of trust which will destroy a relationship.

Dishonesty is also a lack of respect. You must love people enough to tell them the truth and believe they can handle it. Men fail to realize that when a woman loves you, she will ride with you through almost anything. So guys, tell the truth and give her a chance to love you through the difficult times, through your mistakes and through your failures. By telling the truth, you are demonstrating that you respect your partner and their right to choose on how they will respond.

They Attempt To Hide Their Feelings

Men attempt to hide their feelings or experiences of inadequacy and insecurities with acts of pride and ego. They act tough, talk rough and avoid difficulties. They blame and make their female partner wrong very often because they are afraid to say “I can’t”. They cover up their weaknesses with big manly talk and actions that often failed to get the job done. A real and self honoring man doesn’t cover his shortcomings with ego. Instead, he acknowledges them, works to overcome them and asks for help and support when he needs it. Now ladies, if your man expresses his feelings and weaknesses, you shouldn’t use them to beat him down, but instead, support him in finding a solution and believe that he can overcome it and he will once a man acknowledges his insecurities.

They Lack Spiritual Guidance

They limit and deny their spiritual self while attempting to rely totally on their physical self and human self. In the world in which we live today, everybody needs something greater than themselves to make it through the muck and mire of life. Men who do not have a spiritual foundation are destined to struggle and ultimately fail. A solid spiritual foundation keeps you accountable for your thoughts and behaviors as well as provides you with a set of principles and ground rules from which you draw strength and receive guidance. Without it, a man has nowhere to turn other than his ego.

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