Porn Quells The Yearning For My Babysitter

Believe it or not, watching pornography has helped control the lust I have for my babysitter. Through the babysitter porn videos I was able to find online, the yearning for fucking our nanny became more bearable. This all started about six months ago which changed my life completely. It was then that my mom decided to hire a nanny to watch over my younger sister and brother. Since I had to work part-time after school, I could not watch them during the day. It was then that my mother brought in this lady named Marisol to care for them. The minute I set eyes on her, I was instantly smitten. Some would even say that it was love at first sight.

Marisol was an older woman, about 38 years of age. She had long black hair which reached almost the middle of her back. She had big brown eyes and a smile that could stop anyone in their tracks. Her skin complexion was golden, with very warm undertones. Marisol also had a great ass and a pair of juicy tits. While her breast weren’t huge, they were big enough to make you drool. The first few weeks of her working for us were difficult for me. That’s because I did not know how to act around her. Due to that reason, I spent most of my time in my room. And because there I was able to look at hardcore porno on my computer.

It wasn’t until I told one of my friends about my lust for Marisol that I discovered MILF porn. Before that, I would masturbate in the bathroom using my imagination. One day, a friend of mine showed me a porn video of an older woman. She had a great resemblance to Marisol since it was a Latina woman having sex with a man. I asked him to send me the link and pretty soon I discovered the mature women category. It was there where I was able to find all kinds of hardcore porn videos featuring older women. Using the related search keywords, allowed me to narrow down my searches to be more specific. The moment I typed in ‘Latina MILF,’ there were thousands of results. I was surprise to see so many porn videos of women who looked like Marisol.

Besides the MILF related porno videos, I was also able to find tons featuring beautiful babysitters. The hundreds of thousands of results allowed me to see how many people out there felt the same way as I about their nanny. Some of the hardcore porn videos were homemade or actual people fucking. There were some which contained guys getting seduced by their mature babysitter. I played with my dick and came hard as I imagined it being me fucking Marisol. If only I was lucky enough to have her come on to me and seduce me, I thought.

Although I found comfort in masturbation, I still could not stop thinking about my nanny. Each day I would spend hours just thinking of how I could one day fuck her. But deep down I knew all of it was a fantasy since Marisol did not seem interested in anything but caring for my siblings. One weekend, there was a big snowstorm and Marisol could not go home. She had no choice but to stay in my house for at least two days. That evening, she asked me if could borrow one of my tee shirts. I said sure and handed her one eagerly. I then watched Marisol as she went into the shower. Luckily, both my brother and sister were already sleeping. I stood by the bathroom door and peeped through the keyhole.

As I watched our babysitter strip, I began to play with my dick. Right away I was hard and started to stroke my cock. I could hear Marisol in the shower and waited for the right time. Although I felt bad about peeping on her, the lust I had was too much to contain. As she opened the shower curtains, I was able to see her fully naked. I was a bit scared, but pulled on my dick even harder. She slowly used the towel to dry her luscious body. In a few moments, I was letting out a big blog of semen. I also let out a small groan which caused Marisol to look towards the door. I ran into my room before getting a chance to clean up the semen.

Marisol came out of the bathroom and stepped on the cum I left on the floor. I believe she knew what happened. But, luckily for me, she never said anything to my mom. Perhaps that means next time, I may have a chance to finally fuck my babysitter for real.


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